About Dharma

Dharma is a way of living, based on true Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. The eight ways of Dharma are the secrets behind how the Balinese achieve balance and a better life. These eight ways of Dharma include: Right Understanding (Samma – Ditthi); Right Tought (Samma – Sankappa); Right Speech (Samma – Vacca); Right Action (Samma – Kammanta); Right Attention (Samma – Sati) and Right Concentration (Samma – Samadhi).


One of the greatest kingdoms, Royal Majapahit, used dharma in their good intentions to unite the archipelago of Nusantara (Old Indonesia), which included Bali. Majapahit symbolizes glorious empirical power, which does holds the secret of healing and beauty treatments of the Royal rituals. It has become a great part of national heritage, as the source of health and beauty inspiration.


Bali, the Island of the Gods, inspires us with its beauty and unique traditions and culture. Bali is also the Island of Flowers, which are the most prolific symbols of every Balinese ritual.


Spirituality is the main element of achieving balance and a peaceful life. Bali and it’s people’s spiritual charm invite natural energy that aids a peaceful mind.

Moon of Pejeng

The Balinese myth, Moon of Pejeng, reflects how Balinese people appreciate the natural world, which is symbolized by the moon. The moon’s energy is a significant influence in all Balinese rituals and ceremonies.
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