In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth

Bali….. the island which is touched by gods hands, enchanted by a magical and exotic beauties. In ancient times, Bali is the colony of Java kingdom dynasty, Majapahit. The greatest historical empire with vast expanded territories throughout regions. This marked strong influence of Javanese culture into Bali’s. Most of all architectures, dances theatres, and literatures are introduced by the Kawi scripts. Until the late of 15th century, political changing pushed Javanese aristocracies, monks and artists to find refuge in Bali. This happened to embellish Hinduism reformation, lead to depiction of Padmasana altar shrine, as an honor of the Unity Supreme God (Acintya or Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa), in the numerous beautiful worshipping temples (Pura).

The sacred Balinese temples are build based on united of nature elements concepts. Soil (terra) and water elements. Structure are made by terra, a symbol of basic life, as one of Majapahit remarkable technique manifestation on architectural. Whilst water is a symbol of life hodd and healing in Balinese cultures. The unity which gives balance in soul, life and surrounding.

Balinese culture and tradition with its Tri Hita Karana philosophy are truly inspiring. The philosophy means an harmony of realms of God, human world and nature. These spirits have empowered Bali as the ultimate prestigious island. Amazing places where happiness and peaceful are surrounded by sophisticated sceneries.


Water hides a mysterious power of nature. It is pure in its original fullfill life. Drops of water can save life. It taught us to harmonize with the law of nature.

Earth (Terra)

Earth is the foundation of basic life. Place of life, grow and walking out. It is symbolize the strong deeds.
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