Spa Treatments

Amarterra Spa offers customized Dharma treatments derived from traditional Balinese healing philosophies.

Dharma Massage for Well-Being

Combines remedial massage, osteopathy and body acupoint techniques to activate hormones and one’s biofeedback system for good health, and to leave the body feeling refreshingly content.

Dharma Hot Stone Massage for Well-Being

Unites one’s soul and body by opening and closing spirals of energy patterns to recharge and restore energy levels within the body.

Dharma Facial for Rejuvenation

A refreshing acupoint and lymphatic drainage treatment to give the skin a new lease of life.


Sirodhara clears your minds, sharpens your intuition and gives you deep relaxation.

Dharma Facial for Anti-Aging

An acupoint and lymphatic treatment for the face to nourish the skin and address the effect of modern day living

Dharma Crown Chakra Hair Treatment

Activates crown chakra to protect and keep one’s body balanced and healthy while nourishing your hair.
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