Balinese Urut MassageBalinese 'Urut' Massage

Combining deep tissue massages that works at the deep tissue level, the Myofascial Release that settles problems with connective tissue and the Trigger Point that makes away local and referred pains. For its ability to accelerate healing.



Virgin Coconut Oil Body ScrubVirgin Coconut Oil Body Scrub

When dead cells peeled off, new cells take their place. Dead cells accumulate, giving the skin a dry, rough texture and faded color. Virgin Coconut Oil body scrub helps remove dead cells on outer surface of the skin, making the skin healthy and smoother full of radiance.



Foot RitualFoot Ritual

Purity your tired feet with coconut water full of positive energy. This will give you clean steps to a more meaningful life. Vertical reflexology massages on the foot pressure points to instantly release fatiques and refresh your body.




Sirodhara clears your minds, sharpens your intuition and gives you deep relaxation.





Aura TouchAura Touch

Healing cleans and balances your energy to achieve your optimum energy. This will help self-healing and deep relaxation.






Balancing your energy with sound resonance.